A Comprehensive, Web based School Management System in Dubai, UAE

jAcademy - School Management System

Every school is unique and they have their own requirements. jAcademy, the comprehensive School Management System, is capable of meeting specific requirements of schools of any curriculum.

Custom Dashboard

Dashboards are designed according to the user roles so that users ( Students, Parents, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs ) find things that are more relevant to them quickly and easily in our school management system.

Responsive Design

Complete web based school ERP software and highly responsive over smart phones.

jAcademy is a web based school management software or ERP system in Dubai, UAE which offers the unique opportunity to connect all facets of School Actvities. These includes Registrations, Admission, Attendance, Academics, Class Division Management, Timetable setting, Assessment, Stock and Inventory, Library Management, School Transport Management, Staff Management, Fee Payment, SMS Email Notifications, Custom Reports and more. We provide efficient timely access to any platform, without limitation through one common database. Our online school management systems provide soltions to automate day to day activities of school faculties, students and parents along with easing administrative operations and enhancing student-teacher-parent interaction.

Features of our school management software or ERP system

Unlimited Users and Roles

Any type of roles can be generated with permissions which restricts what users ( Students, Parents, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs ) cannot do and can do. Our School Management System include unlimited users, user roles and user permissions.

Responsive Layout

Complete web based School Management System and highly responsive over smart phones. As people nowadays prefer more on smart phones these will help with the added advantage to its accessibility.

SMS & Email Service

Our School Management System can be integrated with most popular SMS Providers and Email service providers across uae.Bulk SMS and Emails for any number of students or staffs can be done easily.

Multiple languages

Our School Management System comes with muliple languages. You can change the language with just 1 click. Automatically detects your preferred language and translates the application in your native language.

Multiple portals

Our School Management System comes with four different portals. These portals are seperated by non-teaching staffs, teaching staffs, parents and students. Principal has a seperate portal as well.

Unlimited Students

Our School Management System comes with no limits on the number of student, teacher and parent with their own logins and same login for parents if more than one children at same school.

Easy customization

Our School Management System has been designed to customize at ease. As requirement varies from schools, our system can be easily customized for any requirement.

Unlimited Reports

Reports can be generated for each module from predefined template as well as Report generator can be used to create custom report according to your need.

Data Visualization

School Performance can be analyzed from visual graphs and charts. Complex data of your can be easily visualized from these charts and graphs.


Front Office

This module in our School Management System helps in maintain records for all the incoming and outgoing calls with their full details and all follow up details for each calls.

This module in our School Management System helps in maintain Enquiry details like its purpose follow-ups, etc. all the records have to be maintained by front office executive.

This module in our School Management System helps in maintaining all complaints details issued by students, teachers or parents, whether complaint has been resolved, how complaint has been resolved etc.

Maintaining a record for all the visitors who have step-into the school for either inquiry purpose, meeting with principal or school staff.

school management system uae calls and follow up
school management system uae Admission process


Admission process of our School Management System starts with registration. This module handles entire registration process of students for every academic year.Previous education details, Parents sibling information and other details related to students are recorded.

This module in our school management system maintains entire admission process of students for every academic year. Admission process includes calling for test, calling for interview, document submission etc. This also include Records of students whose application form are accepted or rejected, Maintains a unique id for all students.

This module in our School Management System helps in class division allotment for each student.

This module in our School Management System maintains roll number of each students. Roll numbers can be easily auto generated with prefix for each student from this module.

This module in our School Management System does the termination process. It records all information related to termination.

Fee Collection

This module in our School Management System helps in scheduling each fee payment. Payment can be scheduled in any kind of installments, monthly, termwise or annual from this module. It also records start and due dates for each payment.

This module in our School Management System helps in creating concessions and deduction for each fee heads and maintaing them.

This module in our School Management System automates department of fee collection for any school with complete security and consistency/accuracy of your data. This software has the ability to handle post dated cheques, generating receipts and invoices, Automatic calculation of pending fee, etc.

This module in our School Management System does the refund process for each school according to their respective refund policy.

school management system uae Fee collection
School management system uae academics


This module in our School Management System helps in creating and maintaining classes, divisions, groups and subjects.

This module in our School Management System helps in creating custom grades and exam setup. Grades, marks, Terms, assessments can be defined in here.

This module in our School Management System helps in scheduling each exams classwise and defining marks.

This module in our School Management System helps in evaluating Student behaviour easily and accurately. Any kind of skills and activities can be defined and evaluated.

This module in our School Management System helps in entering results for each exams.


Timetable creation is one of the most complicated and time consuming task for every institutions as each class has a unique time table with specified subjects and teachers. Our School management system can

Schedule week days and timing for each class Schedule duration of each time table Avoid conflict between classtiming while assigning teachers Easily define for extra class, lunch breaks, etc. Easily define rules such as maximum no. of lectures taken by one teacher for one day, for one week, no. of lectures for a class, etc
School management system uae timetable
<b><i>School Management System</i></b> uae attendance


Attendance module in our School Management System is used to take Staff as well as Students attendance easily in most effective and efficient way. We Offer

Attendance records can be checked easily whenever required. Notification to parents via sms or email or push notification Reports related to attendance can be generated within a single click Data Visualtization of each report.

Library & Staff Management

Library module in our School Management Software is used all records related to library including book details, issued books, returns etc . Staff Management in our School Management System us used to track staff registration, assigning subjects, classes etc. We Offer

Define books details like name, author, publishers, suppliers, etc. Adding new books to library. Easier to track Issue and return for books by students. Staff registration with qualification and experience details. Assigning multiple subjects to Teaching Staffs.
School management uae library staff
School management system uae transportation


Transportation module in our School Management System can

Keep track of vehicles, helpers, drivers and mechanics information. Assign helpers and drivers to vehicles. Route and route details such as arrival,departure for each vehicle Define and collect fee for each route Assign mechanic for vehicle health check at any time Maintain fuel and meter report for each vehicle

Finance & Stock Management

Finance and Stock management are two related modules in our school management software to

Maintain account details and their balance Keep track of fee collection, checque clearance, pending fee, etc. Keep track of income and expense in school Manage Stock,Stock categories, Location and stock Transfer Manage School materials and material issue by students Manage Suppliers and purchase information
School management system uae finance
School management system uae custom reports

Reports & Notification

Reports can be generated for each module from predefined template as well as Report generator can be used to create custom report according to your need.User has the privilige to define scheduling of notification in our School Management System.

Notfication via sms, email or push notification. Data visualtisation of reports through charts and graphs. Student comparison and performance report. Reports can be downloaded in different formats. Wide range of reports from the list of admission till student fees details.

School Management software Logins

Our School Management System provides different logins for Principal, Teachers, Students, Parents & Non-Teaching Staffs. Admin has access to all modules and non-teaching staff have access according to their role.


  • Registration Details
  • Admission Report
  • Student Details
  • Staff Details
  • Time Table- Teacherwise
  • Time Table - Classwise
  • Attendance Report
  • Exam Report
  • Performance Report


  • Dashboard
  • Time Table
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • CCE
  • Exams & Results
  • Comments
  • To Do List


  • Dashboard
  • Teacher Comments
  • Academic
  • Time Table
  • Attendance
  • Assignment
  • Fee Details
  • Payment (Cash / Cheque / Online)
  • Library
  • Transport
  • Email Notification


  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Time Table
  • Attendance
  • Exam Schedule
  • Report Card
  • Fee Details
  • Library

Want to see demo?

You can try our demo for understanding the features of our web-based School Management System. Tick the checkbox in popup window to add sample data along with demo.

School management system uae demo

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